Nonni’s Italian History and Heritage

Italian Immigrants Comming into Ellis Island

In the late 1800’s, early in the 1900’s Italian immigrants came to America by ship to start a new life. Like most immigrants they brought very few possessions, but brought a strong will to make a future for their families. Each day mothers would go down to the lower east side market and shop for the various fruits, vegetables, meats, fish and poultry items that would make up dinner for that evening. Although these ingredients looked and tasted somewhat different than the Italian immigrants were used to, they would become the essential ingredients in today’s recipes at Nonni’s Italian Eatery authentic Italian American cuisine.

Nonni's History Picture 1

They began by using the same recipes that their mothers taught them back in Italy, but adapted the recipes to what was available here in America. These recipes are the base for the dishes we serve today at Nonni’s restaurants throughout New England.

Old Italian Neighborhood Photo

Nonni’s Italian Eatery is a tribute to the generations of Italian American immigrants who developed and shared their passion for Italian cuisine. Through tough years they managed to keep alive their wonderful culture and passion for food. View our menu now.

Italian American Cuisine is born!